Kaizen is small improvements and a change for better.It must be accompanied by change of method. The Kaizen concept stimulates productivity improvement as an ongoing process in any company.It is a practice oriented strategy which leads to creation of culture of improvement It is more a way of life or at least a cultural approach to quality improvement. The implementation of philosophy of Kaizen can be achieved through involvement of employees to effect improvements.

Kaizen –A Necessity for the Industry

Kaizens can be implemented in the industry by improving every aspect of business process in a step by step approach, while gradually developing employee skills through training and increased involvement. The principle are: By practicing Kaizen culture, managers demonstrate commitment to quality. Also, the workers with adequate support from managers become a major source of improvement

Kaizen system is simple,but its implication are far reaching. These can be in the area of Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale of Employees

ie; PQCDSM. Kaizen would always involve a change in the method of doing. It could be esign change, procedure change etc

Kaizen vs Large Improvements

A kaizen is a small improvement without much data analysis.A problem solved through the method of using six sigma techniques would not qualify as a kaizen for the purpose of compilation .Hence a kaizen done through “dataless”improvements would qualify as a kaizen.

Types of Kaizens :

Primarily two types of kaizens

Originality, impact of kaizen & quality of analysis varies in both case as under :-

  Corrective Action Kaizen Idea Kaizen
Originality Not Necessary High & Must
Impact High &Must -do-
Quality Analysis -do- Not Required

Heads and Hands

Any kaizen involving usages of different technologies would not qualify because the person has not used his/her innovativeness/creativity in doing this kaizen but used an already existing technology to replace the “doing” method. This may have resulted in benefits but does not qualify for this compilation, as the doer has not used his” hands and head”.

Pre-requisites of a Kaizen for compilation

To summarise on the qualification method of wheather a kaizen is fit for compilation, would require the same to go through the following pre-requisites:- Why this site?
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Compiled by:- Mr. C Narasimhan, Chief mentor - ACMA Center of Technology, & President - Sundran - Clayton Ltd